An app for your community.

Create your mobile app without writing a single line of code.
You create the content, we take care of the programming part.

Crowdaa is the easiest way to stay in touch with your community.
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An app that Crowdaa connects your people.

Crowdaa connects your people.

We now live in a globalized world where community issues still need local solutions. 
Crowdaa believes in the strength of human societies that resides in community bond.
The one you find in your town, your neighborhood, in schools, workplaces, and every place where we live together.

Our technology allows you to publish your content in minutes while keeping your ownership to all rights to it,
and update your mobile app in real-time as easily as on any social media platform. 


Pubish  your articles as a chronological feed organized by categories.


Mobilize your users around your centers of interest and community life events.

Real-time notifications

Push notifications are the best way to keep your users informed about new content by instantly sending alerts on their phones.


Inserts links to state services, business partners, NGO, etc. 

Your online feed

Search by categories

Link your app to external services

While using the CMS, when you create content, you can add a “call-to-action” button, to link your content to services or your other platforms, websites, etc. 

Redirect your users to businesses, forms, helpful content, marketplaces or social networks.

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Social share

Default feature : grow your audience by letting your users share your content on their personal social media feeds and thus spread awareness about your Crowdaa app.

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The dashboard features.

Use the dashboard to publish/edit your content and optimize the way you target audiences.

Content management system

Easy-to-use, create, publish and organize your content in minutes. 

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Target your audience with geolocation

Using the CRM, you can geolocate your audience in order to create relevant content targeting specific areas. You can also reach out to your users via email, text message or push notifications.


The Crowdaa technology


We offer an “all-in-one” solution to publish and manage your mobile news app, customized to your needs, and without any programming skills needed on your part.

How does work ?

How does it work ?

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Day 1
Register and get access to the content manager.

We create your developer accounts on Apple & Google platforms and help you with visual resources if you need it.


~Day 5
Your content and your developer accounts are ready.

We submit your mobile app on the Appstore and Google Play.


~Day 10
Your mobile app is published on the Appstore and Google Play.

Once your mobile app has been reviewed by Apple and Google, you're set to publish your content. 

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